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دهن عود كمبودي باللمسة الحجازية


Luxurious Cambodian Oud Dehn with the Hijazi touch

حجم العبوة

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Cambodian oud oil with the Hijazi touch
((One of the most important oils in presence and difference))
The heart of the fragrance is from the Cambodian Dehn Al Oud, except that the mixture of the Hijazis was added to it, which is characterized by presence, strength and difference.
Through it, you can live the life of the desert, feel the strength, and roam among people with prestige and presence.
The scent of oud accompanies the heart of the fragrance, but it is mixed with the scent of wild tree buds in the spring, with an old earthy, muddy scent, with a sense of the smell of metal when the blacksmith’s hand makes it.
This is a carefully selected scent ⬅️that is designed with a power ⬅️that chooses its owner. ⬅️It has no source except from the oils of Tollat ​​((one of our creations))